Forthcoming from Graywolf Press

A novel about  Donald Trump, the secret history of the Internet, and the end of the world.

Trump Sky Alpha delivers fiction as original as it is provocative, and as plausible and illustrative of what is happening around us as any breaking news report. Read this book and then duck and cover.”
A.M. Homes

“Doten's cracked archaeology of the nearly-now is so brilliant it will make you joyful despite yourself, despite the world's self.”
Rivka Galchen

“To enshrine in such beauty and intelligence a country that so despises beauty and intelligence is an act of rogue hope and antic compassion. In Trump Sky Alpha, Mark Doten emerges as the shadow president of our benighted generation of American literature.”
Joshua Cohen

"With resplendent, even lurid detail, Trump Sky Alpha unpacks every contemporary source of American anxiety.... Mark Doten is a brave and audacious spelunker of the most putrid caves of internet-addled capitalism—he's a marvel and a freak of the highest order.”
Catherine Lacey

“What an extraordinary novel—gutsy, astute, frightening, and fun; only history will show if it remains speculative or proves prescient. (Either way, may the gods save us!)”
Miguel Syjuco

"Mark Doten brings a hilarious, subversive eye to the way we live, joke, and tweet at the edge of what could, for all we know, be an explosive end.”
Alexandra Kleeman

“It’s a commonplace that no one could satirize Trump.  But Mark Doten has done it in this scathing, hectic portrayal of the end of the world.”
Edmund White

Excerpts in Granta’s Best of Young American Novelists and  N+1